About us

Ascenseurs Innovatec is located near Montreal, in the Lanaudière region. The target set by the Ascenseurs Innovatec shareholders and applied by our employees is to offer personalized and high quality service in all spheres of activity in which we operate and whatever the type or size of the project or the service you need when you contact us.

Our mission is to offer a service that fits your needs as well as the highest level of safety for the users of your vertical transportation equipment, all in compliance with codes and standards. You will also appreciate the values promoted by the managers and technicians of our crew: rigor, honesty and transparency, and within all our actions and interactions with customers. We believe it is important that you are kept informed of developments as we work on your elevators. In order to do this, we always give a detailed report of current situations to our customers and our employees. Effective communication is often the key to solving any problems and it is an essential tool in the relationship that Ascenseurs Innovatec has with their customers.

The experience of our management team and our technicians on the road is also a valuable asset for our customers and for our business success. This success is reflected in a well-known fact in the world of elevators, Ascenseurs Innovatec is now the largest independent elevator company in Quebec, both in terms of number of employees and in number of experience years. These results are obtained by the hard labor of our team members and by the personalized and flexible approach we provide. In short, our reputation is based on the diversity and quality of our services, experience and teamwork. We strive to achieve a relation of partnership with our customers in each of our records, regardless of size.

To achieve this, Ascenseurs Innovatec provide their employees with modern and reliable equipment and tools that meet the highest standards of safety and operations. Our functional offices are equipped with a full computer network, a printing center, a secretary’s office, rooms for meetings and individual work spaces, ensuring optimal work organization where each project is monitored daily. Our customers are the first to benefit the working methods implemented and carefully applied by our team. The work is conducted with rigor and passion to meet the needs of our customers. Each project and each customer are different and we have flexible solutions that can adapt to everyone.