Construction / New Installation


Regarding your new construction projects or adding vertical transportation equipment in existing buildings, Ascenseurs Innovatec is able to offer a turnkey service. This service may include coordination of all steps related to the installation of vertical transportation system that will fit the specific needs of your project. Our team will guide our customers from the start to the endof the workin order to validate that each stage meets their needs as well as the regulations that apply. We also provide support for the realization of related work to coordinate the changes done by other specialized contractors. In cases where customers already have services assistance by competent professionals (architects, engineers, designers, etc.), our team has the flexibility and knowledge to help them with the planning and coordination of work installation of equipment provided on the projects.

The excellent reputation of our company in achieving modernization projects and new construction, both in the private and public, residential, institutional or commercial environment, is due to our experience and the expertise of our technicians and our management team.  Our staff will be on duty to process the overall project and provide technical solutions, environmental and economic factors that are original, high quality and adapted to different contexts of intervention and promoting sustainable development approach.