Modernization / Renovation / Upgrading

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Ascenseurs Innovatec is at your service to help you identify your needs and guide you in planning changes so that once upgraded, elevators meet all codes and standards specific to your buildings. To do this, we send a member of our team to evaluate your needs in order to suggest alternatives that fit the usage of your equipment, the characteristics of the building (building height, factory, home for the elderly, etc.), your budget and your specifications in terms of aesthetics (landing doors, cabin interior, call sign or other devices).

Perform modernization and upgrading your vertical transportation equipment has many benefits in short and long term and will only quickly affects the transport in your building. The introduction of next-generation components can sometimes be substantial energy savings, improved response time to call lifts and therefore reducing the waiting time for users and improve the overall performance of the building. The installation of new control devices, replacement or refurbishment of cabins and equipment doors, replacement of hydraulic cylinders or tension cables are many different jobs we offer to prevent or to improve the safety and performance of your equipment. Obviously, we can add to the above list the possibility of replacing some elements or review the entire aesthetic of your elevatorsto improve this important aspect of your property.